Album: Church Under Fire

A powerful, eclectic Christian album, dedicated to those who suffer persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ in over 52 countries worldwide, where naming the name of Jesus can often mean death!
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 Spiritual: Contemporary Christian
Release Date: 2012

The CD includes a 16 page color booklet containing all lyrics. 

All profit from the sales of this album are pledged to supporting the persecuted church.

Album Notes:

The album "Church Under Fire" encompasses a vast array of musical styles, from the Gregorian Chant of "Be At Peace" to the full Gospel sound of "Gonna Go Over" - a celebration of the resurrection of Christ and the eternal hope for the believer.

"John My Beloved" which features the flute playing of Kaye's daughter Leah Crimmins, is a beautiful and poignant ballad in which Christ is calling the fearful believer back to the heart of God and reminding him or her that he knows what it's like to be persecuted for righteousness sake.

Psalm 63:1 with it's haunting vocal soundscape, allows the listener to feel the utter spiritual barreness of the Psalmist as he cries out to his God for revival in his inner most being.

The explosive guitar solo played by the album's producer, Adrian Hannan on "Church Under Fire" is reminiscent of the playing style of artists such as Dave Gilmour and Snowy White as it leads you back to the passionate and soaring vocal of Kaye Harrison. Adrian's Hammond solo adds color, interest and excitement to this track.

"Gotta Be Broken" starts with a finger- picking classical acoustic guitar prelude, played by singer/songwriter and recording artist Steve Romig, whose vocal prowess can be heard on several tracks also. This piece then morphs into a Country-Rock feel, similar in style to that of artists like Casey Chambers or Vince Gill.

The drumming played by Kaye's husband Michael Kelly, covers a wide range of intricate time signatures. Michael also lends his voice to the eight person vocal group bringing a full, lush sound to anthems like "Voices Of The Martyrs."

Keyboard player from Chocolate Starfish and singer/songwriter, Norm Falvo, who played and sang on Kaye's first album "Out Of Egypt," also features quite prominently on several tracks including "Church Under Fire."

Kaye's vocal versatility is highly impressive indeed, with her seemless abilty to go from the plaintiff to that of a big, black, full Gospel sound. Her years of experience as a session backing vocalist are showcased in a myriad of ways.

Kaye's passion, deep love and commitment to the persecuted church permeates this body of work. It is impossible to listen to this album and not be deeply moved, challenged, encouraged and convicted.

A must have for those who truly want to be inspired in their faith!